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To create the products that will shelter millions across the globe and protect our planet, we need imagination and tenacity – and that is why we want innovative doers to join our team, whether it be early career, internships or co-op programs. Are you ready to begin your adventure?

GAF will give you broad experience you will be able to gain from day one.

Nicole Garabandt/Former Intern, Currently Financial IT Associate

I love the hands on experiences available, and the opportunities to take on my own projects. GAF is the perfect environment for developing new ideas and innovation.

Sumera Munhaf - Marketing Analyst
Sumera Munhaf

Let Your Ideas Come to Life

Managing million dollar projects as a sophomore in college might seem daunting, but that’s what our co-ops do at GAF. You worked hard to earn your place in college, now GAF wants those ideas to come to life. Whether it’s finding a more sustainable solution for lighting, managing faster production times, or incorporating a new design into our products — our co-ops are continuing to drive our organization’s success.

Co-op benefits:

  • Manage meaningful projects
  • Academic credit, plus hourly salary
  • Tuition reimbursement for graduated engineering new hires
  • Assistance with relocation (if applicable)
  • Presentations to Senior Leadership
  • Trips/Tours to Corporate & Manufacturing Locations
Our People

Make Your Ideas Matter

Put your classroom studies into practice in the real world and gain the experience to help determine your journey after graduation. At GAF, we’ll make sure you get going on your very first day with a comprehensive orientation into the Company. No matter which function you join, you’ll have the opportunity to own your own projects, participate in meetings, and work cross-functionally with other departments.

Internship benefits:

  • Competitive hourly salary
  • Work on critical business projects
  • Plant and R&D tours
  • Lunch and Learn speaker series, learn more about different career functions
  • Fun events & free food (Donut Day!)

Not Just a Job — a Rewarding Career

We make sure you’re in an environment that matches your interest and sets you up for success. You’re not in it alone — we’ll connect you with the right people and knock down barriers, but we’ll also hold you accountable. Our operating culture is built on trust, respect, and embracing change. You’re making life better, every day, by protecting the people and things they cherish most.

Early career benefits

  • Leadership training and skill building activities
  • Competitive salary and benefits
  • Mentoring

Headed to the top

Our young leaders are already making a major impact.



Apply for one of our internships or co-op programs and get a head start on your career.
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