Asphalt Roofing Solutions

What are asphalt roofing solutions and why are they trusted roofing solutions?
Asphalt is one of the oldest roofing technologies still in use today and it is a reliable solution for both residential and commercial roofing needs. Asphalt roofing uses asphalt as a waterproofing membrane.

Commercial asphalt roofing systems consist of two or more waterproofing layers. This redundancy provides building owners with durable waterproofing protection.

Asphaltic Roofing Installation Methods
One of the oldest application methods still used today, involves melting blocks of asphalt in a large kettle and spreading the melted asphalt on the roof with mops.
Using a torch, the installer will melt the asphalt on the underside of the membrane. This will allow the sheet to adhere to the substrate below.
The installer will attach the roofing membrane by applying a liquid adhesive (i.e.,Matrix 101)用诸如凹口刮刀或涂抹器枪的工具或前面施加的屋顶材料层。

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Asphaltic Roofing Systems
Multi-ply construction gives peace of mind that the roof is durable


Bur是当前屋顶技术的最古老的技术,并已超过一个世纪。它由大型金属水壶中的热沥青熔化砖和使用MOPS涂抹沥青之间的啤酒base sheetply sheetsand lastly acap sheet。Ply sheets and additional layers of asphalt can be added until the desired thickness has been reached. While cap sheets are very popular, they are not used on all jobs. Instead of using a cap sheet, some jobs are finished with a layer of gravel spread out over the last layer of asphalt.


SBS (Styrene Butadiene Styrene)

Introduced in the 1970’s, SBS features asphalt that has been modified (thus called modified bitumen) with the polymeric material SBS. This synthetic rubber allows the SBS sheets to achieve greater elongation ratings than other asphaltic systems. SBS systems also have the widest range of application methods as they can be hot-mopped, cold-applied, heat-welded or self-adhered. A typical SBS system consists of two plies of roofing membrane. First, a ply of smooth-surfaced SBS base sheet is installed, usually over绝缘或盖板。The system is finished with a granulated cap sheet applied over the smooth base/ply sheet. SBS membranes are classified by ASTM numbers, types and grades:

  • ASTM D6162:SBS板使用聚酯和玻璃纤维的组合
  • ASTM D6163: SBS sheet using glass fiber reinforcement
  • ASTM D6164: SBS sheet using polyester reinforcement
ASTM D6162 and D6163 have three type classifications, Type I, Type II and Type III.
ASTM D6164具有两种类型的分类,1型和类型2.通常,类型越高,质量和物理性质越大。
There are two grades of SBS sheet:
  • Grade S: The sheet has a smooth surface
  • Grade G: The sheet has a granule surface


应用程序(Atactic Polypropylene)

在1965年首次在意大利推出,随后在1975年晚些时候向美国延续了一十年,APP功能已经修改的沥青(因此称为改性沥青)来包括atactic聚丙烯 - 一种允许屋顶膜来实现耐用性的塑料保护免受紫外线和天气事件的破坏性影响..应用程序通常仅通过火炬施加 - 来自SBS的关键差异。就像SBS系统一样,大多数应用系统都包括两个膜,光滑的纸张和颗粒盖板。然而,应用片通常安装在Bur基板或热障碍上,因为许多基板不能直接焊接到。应用程序纸还用于恢复现有的屋顶系统。App Mecbranes由ASTM数字,类型和等级分类。
  • ASTM D6222 – APP sheet using polyester reinforcement
  • ASTM D6223 – APP sheet using a combination of both polyester and glass fiber reinforcement

ASTM D6222 and D6223 have two type classifications, Type I and Type II. Typically Type II will have a larger mass and higher physical properties than Type II. There are two grades of APP sheet:
  • Grade S: the sheet has a smooth surface
  • Grade G: the sheet has a granule surface




Comparing Asphaltic Roofing Techniques

1See the applicable manual for installation temperature instructions and ranges at//

2GAF warranties and guarantees do not cover leaks or other damage due to wind speeds in excess of 55 miles per hour (unless additional wind coverage is purchased on eligible jobs). Refer to for more information on warranty and guarantee coverage and restrictions.

3.GAF warranties and guarantees do not provide coverage against punctures (unless additional puncture resistance coverage is purchased on eligible jobs). Refer to for more information on warranty and guarantee coverage and restrictions.

4.Require the use of RUBEROID® "EnergyCap™" Products.

Where and When to Use
With three different types of asphalt roofs how do you decide which one to choose?


Roofs of essential buildings that need to stay open and operational at all times
buris a solution that has been used for over 100 years. The redundant applications allow for increased protection against damage and leaks.


屋顶需要的可靠性冗余的asphaltic system without the odor and labor required for hot mopping.


Like APP, SBS can also be applied utilizing a torch (heat-welding). A CERTA (Certified Roofing Torch Applicator) certification is required for a roofer to use a torch. Many local ordinances also restrict the use of torches on roofs due to their risk as a potential fire hazard. Unlike APP, SBS can be applied in a variety of other ways including hot-mopped, cold-applied or self-adhered. Cold-applied applications are popular because they don’t produce as much odor as hot-mopped and do not require professional certifications like torching. Self-adhered is also a popular method because there is virtually no odor and it is typically faster to install.


For buildings that require ENERGY Star® certification or to be LEED® certified.
Utilize an EnergyCap™ sheet with any BUR, APP, and SBS system for projects that require the reliability of asphalt roofing and Energy Star® and LEED® certified solutions.

Tested in the field for decades, GAF asphaltic roofing materials provide durability and performance


GAF has been selling asphaltic roofing products since 1892 when they created ready-to-lay asphalt roofing rolls which they called “RU-BER-OID roofing.” Ruberoid® as a brand is still around today and GAF’s Mod-bit (SBS and APP) line of products are still sold under this brand name.

Meets Third Party Standards

It is not enough that the products look great. They have to perform great too. This is why GAF thoroughly tests recommended roof assemblies both internally and externally at 3rd party labs such as UL and FM global. So whatever standards are required for a roofing job, GAF has a solution.


GAF is a leading manufacturer of protective roofing systems and coatings for the construction industry. Our dedicated teams are positioned to provide guidance and support to the industry. GAF provides roof systems and coating solutions that meet the most rigorous industry standards.
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GAF asphalt roofing solutions are specifically formulated with durability in mind. Using only the high-quality raw materials, GAF's products are thoroughly tested to ensure performance.

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